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Our Approach

Site Identification

Site Identification

We undertake a significant amount of work to identify sites with strong planning potential. We ensure a quick decision will be made on any sites put forward to us for consideration.



We have a significant track record of delivering planning consents.  Our in-house team of experts work jointly with the best external planning and technical consultants in order to successfully deliver planning consents.



All of the environmental constraints of our development sites are considered in detail by us jointly working with specialist consultants. Our development proposals seek to respect the environmental constraints of the sites and enhance these wherever possible.


Community Involvement

Catesby seeks to interact with local communities as soon as possible within the planning process. Catesby holds meetings, workshops, events and exhibitions with key stakeholders and the public and acknowledges the significant role that they play within the planning process.

Commitment to
Sustainable Communities

Commitment to Sustainable Communities

The development of sustainable communities is fundamental to our approach. Catesby is committed to developing communities that are attractive in which to live and work, now and in the future.

Corporate Social

Corporate Social Responsibility

Catesby has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and core business values.  We employ an experienced team of property professionals many of whom have affiliations to professionally accredited bodies within our field of work.