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Catesby promoted 122 acres acres at Longhedge, Salisbury.  60 acres of the site were allocated in the South Wiltshire Core Strategy for up to 450 units, a primary school and employment uses.

The remainder of the site to the North of the site was previously identified for development in the next plan period.

A planning application was submitted in May 2013 with two options of 425 and 673 units for the smaller and larger sites.  Wiltshire Council resolved to grant outline planning consent on 23rd October for the scheme of 673 units.

Catesby worked closely with local stakeholders including the Parish Council to secure the consent for a larger area than the allocation. The developed scheme will offer significant community benefits including a large area of community open space.

The full outline planning consent was issued in March 2014 following the signing of the section 106 agreement.

The residential element of the site was sold to Bovis Homes Limited in December 2014

Catesby will continue to be involved in the commercial elements of the site.