Catesby Estates Takes Part In The 50 Shades of Planning Podcast


Anna Parsons, Catesby's, Associate Design Director took part in the podcast discussion by 50 Shades of Planning around ‘The Bin Lorry Effect’, a briefing paper from Create Streets about how 'new homes and places are ruined by highways regulations.

'Well-intentioned highways department rules and guidance have had a devastating effect on new housing developments over the past 80 years. Many have led to roads not streets, units not homes, and ‘could-be-anywhere’ housing developments, not real places with centres and edges. A range of rules have the effect of stopping you getting out and about, preventing you meeting your neighbours, stopping you from creating communities and locking you into car dependence.’

That is a quote from the introduction to ‘The Bin Lorry Effect’, a briefing paper from Create Streets about how 'new homes and places are ruined by highways regulations and how we can fight back'.

Can we, as planners, look at the schemes that we are involved with and confidently say that we would want to live on that road?

Are we creating places that are accessible for people aged 8 to 80?

Are we submitting and approving applications that follow desire lines for pedestrians and cyclists?

Are we supporting a 21st Century user hierarchy that places pedestrians and cyclists at the top, private motor vehicles at the bottom, and public transport in the middle?

Listen to the full podcast here.

Thanks to BECG and Samuel Stafford from Barratt Developments for putting this together.