Work has been gathering pace at Myton Green, with some big site changes now visible.

Initial work has included stripping off topsoil and subsoil materials, so the ground can be profiled to the correct levels for roads and landscaping areas.

Approximately 75,000m3 of soil has been moved to date, and the majority redistributed within the site to provide landscaped areas.  Earthwork activities are continuing to complete the profile of the landscape areas.

On Europa Way the alignment of the new carriageway is being formed and the Statutory Authorities are diverting cables into the new verges to allow for the new road to be constructed.

Installation of new foul and storm water sewers along the spine road to service housing plots.

Balancing ponds are being formed, to store storm water in periods of heavy rain.  This will allow the water to enter the existing system at a controlled rate preventing flooding.

New pathways and cycle routes will be formed which will run around the whole perimeter of the site and through the ‘green corridor’.

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