The public open space at Myton Green has been incredibly well received by both residents living onsite and those located further afield in the district.

The recent good weather, school holidays and home schooling has meant people have been making the most of the new facilities, which has inadvertently created issues with parking.

The main spine road remains privately owned and although the public open space has now been adopted by Warwick District Council (WDC) and is open for use, this is still very much an active construction site with a lot of heavy construction related traffic.

Therefore, as the road and some access points are still privately owned until its formal adoption by Warwick County Council (WCC) highways, we have taken the decision to double yellow line these areas to prevent parking on what is the main construction traffic route. The land which links our spine road up to Gallows Hill is not under our control and is also yet to be adopted, so cannot be used as an alternative entrance.

We are in the process of installing additional fencing to prevent access towards the main compound, and additional signage and fencing regarding parking will also be placed along the spine road. These measures will be implemented early next week (w/c 1st March 2021).

This is a difficult juggling act as we know residents were keen to access the public open spaces, but there are still health and safety obligations that need to be adhered to due to this being an active construction site. 

Without implementing these additional health and safety measures on the spine road, there are concerns users of the public open space and residents whilst enjoying these new facilities will not recognise the health, safety and traffic issues that are part and parcel of any active construction site.

Parking within residential areas is down to the individual housebuilders to control (Miller, Avant, Bovis and Redrow).  The housebuilders are also responsible for ensuring their contractors park with consideration and they should be providing ample parking for them within their own compound areas.  Catesby Estates have no control over their compound areas or contractor parking arrangements. 

Should you be experiencing issues as a resident within these areas, you will need to raise this directly with the housebuilder and also WDC.

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