Ministers and officials must invoke Britain’s effort to build Spitfires during the Second World War to help construct the homes the country needs, one of the Government’s key housing advisers says today.

Sir Oliver Letwin, who is carrying out a major review for Theresa May, says infrastructure must be organised like wartime aircraft production to solve the housing crisis.

He warns that the slow provision of new power lines and transport links is holding up the construction of thousands of homes by “years and years”. 

In an interview with The Telegraph, he calls for a new cross-government task force to co-ordinate the installation of utilities on large sites, warning that those involved in the process must “get their act together”.

The Prime Minister, who has pledged to make housing her number one domestic priority, set a target of building 300,000 homes per year, but has been accused of shying away from “radical” measures to increase building.

Sir Oliver suggested that county councils, Highways England, National Grid and power firms were dragging their heels over providing the necessary infrastructure.

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Credit: June 2018, The Telegraph