Landowners took the opportunity to find out more about maximising land value and land promotion by taking part in the Catesby Estates in association with South East Farmer FREE webinar discussing the planning potential of land and how landowners can maximise land value through land promotion

The Catesby team covered a range of topics to help landowners make informed future decisions about the development potential of their land.

Topics covered including

  • Strategic land promotion and what are the benefits
  • Maximising the value of your site
  • What makes a good development site
  • How to plan for success
  • Unlocking the development potential of a site
  • Winning local hearts and minds – getting support for your

Catesby Estates has over 20 years knowledge and experience of strategic land promotion with six in-house specialist land promotion teams specialising in land, planning, technical, design, public consultation and finance. 

Focused on strategic land promotion and infrastructure delivery, we are well placed to fully assess land opportunities and the prospects of obtaining planning consent on your land.


  • Myron Osborne, Chief Executive
  • Victoria Groves, Associate Director of Planning
  • Katie Yates, Associate Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Steve O’Grady, Associate Technical Director

If you would like to view the video, drop us an email and we can send you the link.

Find out more about land promotion and Catesby Estates at /01926 836910 /

Or submit your land details here for a no obligation appraisal of your land site and its development potential.