An Outline Planning Application for Marcham Gate has been submitted to Vale of White Horse District Council.  You can view the application here (Ref P20/V1388/O)

The Vale of White Horse District Council will carry out a formal consultation on the proposals with local residents. We will respond to any comments made during the application determination period. 

Following consultation feedback, our application includes:

  • 90 new homes with 35% affordable housing
  • In-line with the Council’s housing mix policy this will include bungalows and smaller 1, 2 and 3 bed properties
  • Maximum two storey height and a minimum distance of 21m will be maintained between the habitable rooms of the properties in the adjacent Willow Farm development to ensure privacy for existing residents
  • A minimum of 15% of the site is set aside for accessible open space. Including a ‘local area of play’ and a ‘local equipped area of play’ with off sets from the proposed housing
  • The illustrative layout has been designed to reflect the Council’s adopted Design Guidance (2015) to ensure this site delivers a high quality distinctive development
  • A footpath will be constructed to the western boundary of the site to allow connectivity into the adjacent Willow Farm development (Pye Homes)
  • The development will provide financial contributions towards the improvement of frequencies of bus services serving Marcham. This will be combined with the provision of a new bus stop serving the development and improvements to the shared footway/cycleway on the A415
  • A pedestrian crossing facility over the A415 is also proposed
  • The existing 30mph speed restriction area boundary/village gateway features will be relocated eastwards out of the village to incorporate the development site
  • Land is safeguarded for the proposed Marcham Bypass in accordance with Core Policy 12a (Safeguarding of Land for Strategic Highway Improvements within the Abingdon-on-Thames and Oxford Fringe Sub-Area)
  • Greenfield sites have to ensure that surface water run-off flow is no greater than the current field run off rate, plus a further 40% to allow for future climate change.  Drainage storage (basins and swales) incorporated into the development will store surface water in times of heavy rainfall and discharge it at the existing greenfield run off rate
  • Funding to enhance local infrastructure to cater for the new development will be made available via Section 106 financial contributions paid by the housebuilder
  • The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charge (£140 per sq.m) levied on the development will also generate receipts to fund improvements to healthcare facilities, green infrastructure, environmental improvements and leisure/community facilities. 15% of the CIL receipts will be passed to Marcham Parish Council to spend on local priorities
  • In accordance with new Building Regulations to be introduced in 2020 the new homes at Marcham Gate will be required to reduce carbon emissions by at least up to 20% (compared to homes built to current energy efficiency requirements). To achieve this carbon reduction the new homes will feature a range of technology including photovoltaic (solar) panels, heat pumps, triple glazing and standards for walls, floors and roofs that significantly limit any heat loss
  • In accordance with Council policy the development has been designed to deliver a net gain in biodiversity through the creation of new wildlife friendly habitats

Find out more about the site here