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If you’re asking yourself ‘How much is my land worth?’ You may be pleasantly surprised!

Our land valuation and promotion services help you answer the question ‘What is my land worth?’

The question, however, should be ‘How much could my land be worth with planning permission?’  It is never too early to start thinking about whether your land has development potential, and putting together a land promotion strategy for your land.

As housing demand increases, so do the opportunities for landowners to offer up land (including green belt sites) for potential residential development.

This means your land's valuation could be more than you expect!

Your land is an important asset, whether you have surplus farm land, a country estate, large garden, grazing land and paddocks or defunct rural business land.

Land is the key ingredient in the building of new homes, and one of the most common questions is, how much is my land worth?

Answering that question isn’t as simple as it might seem.   The development potential of any land is affected by the planning system, supply and demand, comparable sites and site specific calculations.

Obtaining planning permission can be expensive, risky and challenging and requires patience and expertise, which is where Catesby Estates are able to assist as your strategic land promotion partner.

As a land promoter we obtain planning permission and then market the site to housebuilders securing the highest possible financial return for the landowner.

The landowner is consulted during the whole process and our return as your land promoter is based on a pre-agreed split of the sale proceeds.

Local Authorities will request mitigation measures against development.

Some of these costs can be covered in the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) or by the Section 106 Town and County Planning Act.  

We are well versed in negotiating these costs on behalf of landowners to ensure all parties involved reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Farm or agricultural land

Country estates

Large gardens

Disused sports facilities


Defunct rural business

Strategic Land Promotion: No cost or risk to the landowner

As your appointed strategic land promoter, Catesby Estates will use its in-house expertise and financial resources to fund the land promotion.

After obtaining planning permission we then market the site directly to housebuilders, therefore maximising your land's valuation.

Catesby Estates would work with you as your land promoter to bring forward your land under either a promotion agreement, option agreement or an unconditional purchase to suit your requirements.

More land is needed for housing: Strategic land promotion can help

The Government is vowing to deliver 300,000 new homes every year.

We are committed to helping landowners and housebuilders deliver high quality new homes and communities through the land promotion model

Landowners select us as their strategic land promoter, due to our track record in successfully delivering planning consents, and our ability to maximise land value.

For more information on land valuation and if you have any questions on the true potential of your land, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.