The Catesby planning team have been hitting the road with the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) with a series of roadshow events based around planning and land promotion.

The CLA is a membership organisation for owners of land, property and rural businesses across the UK.

The events were held in Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Kent and Surrey with a further event taking place in Warwickshire next week. 

Over the course of the events, we will have spoken and met with over 250 landowners and land agents in core locations where we are actively seeking new land sites for our promotion portfolio.

The Catesby speakers included Ed Barrett, Victoria Groves and David Morris, who were supported by members of the land team who were on hand to speak to landowners about their sites and the potential for future development.

Speaking at CLA planning event

The event covered useful tips and tricks for navigating the planning system, what makes a good site and the land promotion process, along with a range of case study examples of sites Catesby has either promoted in the past or currently has under promotion.

Our land team will now be actively following up a number of potential site leads.

If you want to find out more about the CLA and Catesby’s ongoing work with them please speak to Katie Yates.

CLA Planning Event