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What is Technical Deliverability?

Housing delivery is a critical part of the economy, and central government has been keen to ensure planning consents are turned into houses quickly and efficiently.  As a land promoter, Catesby Estates do not build houses, and therefore it is imperative for us to demonstrate that our planning permissions are turned into ‘real homes’ quickly.

The Government introduced the Housing Delivery Test to ensure Local Authorities grant consent for schemes that are deliverable.  Catesby Estates has a best in class reputation, due to our ability to provide housebuilders with implementable permissions.   

The plethora of technical challenges and constraints on a land site, the constant evolution of innovative technology and building methods, and the ever changing government regulations and requirements, means it’s a challenge to build the 300,000 new homes needed every year to help solve the housing crisis.

As one of the biggest names in the land promotion sector, Catesby Estates are well known by housebuilders for our ability to deliver technically sound and well considered residential land sites. Housebuilders and Local Authorities have confidence that a planning permission obtained by Catesby Estates is deliverable.  This is a key part of our promotion strategy, and one of the main reasons why we are trusted by our partners and stakeholders.